2022 Results

Major Categories

William Clay Ford Jnr Trophy Presented by the Ford Motor CompanyDavid Cockle, XR GT (JTS808)
Rare Spares Real Restoration Presented by Rare SparesFred, Mainline Ute (MLINE8) (not collected)
Rare Spares Real Street Presented by Rare SparesAdam, EL XR8 (OXR897)
Best Club Presented by Bowden’s OwnMFP – Main Force Patrol
Best Paint Presented by PPGDaniel, XY GT Replica (KZK741)
Best Interior Anna, 1966 Mustang (00895H)
Powered by Ford (Best Engine) Presented by the Ford Motor CompanyDavid, XRGT, (JTS808)
Longest Distance Travelled Presented by Bowden’s OwnWayne, 1,800km, GT R-Spec (FPV133)
Highest Odometer Reading Presented by Bowden’s OwnSenad, XC Fairmont, 576,169km
Shannons Choice Presented by Shannons InsuranceJo, Wild Violet GT Cortina (00610M)

Judging Categories

Class #CategoryWinner (Name and Rego)
1Best Falcon, XK to XPMitchell (01963H)
2Best Falcon, XR to XTErsin (4608H9)
3Best Falcon, XW to XYGeoff (PRO434)
4Best Falcon, XA to XCMatt (8836H4)
5Best Falcon, XD to XFVictoria (51578H)
6Best Falcon, EA to EDStephen (GUNXR8)
7Best Falcon, EF to ELAdam (OXR897)
8Best Falcon, AUMitchell (ZIL596)
9Best Falcon, BA to BFDarius (DJXR)
10Best Falcon, FG to FG-XBrandon (AYD336)
11Best Falcon GT, XR to XTDavid ((JTS808)
12Best Falcon GT, XW to XYGlenda (34150H)
13Best Falcon GTHO (Presented by Rare Spares)Phil (KWO905)
14Best Falcon GT, XA to XB (Presented By Custom Plates)Garry (8438H4)
15Best Falcon GT, EB to ELAdam (EBF124)
16Best Falcon GT, ReplicaTony (KXA197)
17Best Tickford Enhanced (Presented By Tickford)John (BFU144)
18Best FPV GT/GT-P, BA to BFMichael (VIPGTP)
19Best FPV GT/GT-P/GT-E/GT-F, FGPaul (GTP407)
20Best FPV non-GT, BA to FG-X Presented By Custom Plates.Chris (JDP747)
21Best Mustang, ‘64 to’66Anna (00895H)
22Best Mustang, ‘67 to’73Russell (NCAGE1)
23Best Mustang, ‘74 to’04Robert (MYSNKE)
24Best Mustang, ‘05 to ’14Andre (12BOSS)
25Best Mustang ‘15 onward (Presented By Custom Plates)Darren (RDEMON)
26Best Fairlane ZA-ZDRodney (ZDK071) (not collected)
27Best Fairlane ZF-ZH / LTD P5-P6Pasquale (LUT588)
28Best Fairlane ZJ-ZL / LTD FC-FEAntonio (XXXLTD)
29Best Fairlane NA-BF / LTD DA-BFZarak (LANNEY)
30Best USA Ford (Fairlane / Galaxie / LTD )Anthony (6273H9)
31Best ThunderbirdCharlie (TEBRD)
32Best “F” SeriesRobert (33829H)
33Best Customline / Victoria / MainlineRenata (08388H)
34Best Model T / Model A / Side valveMatthew (7-505)
35Best Anglia / PrefectDennis (3867H4)
36Best Zephyr / Zodiac / ConsulMark (AGG351)
37Best CortinaShaun (TEGH1A)
38Best CapriJozef (CH8709)
39Best Laser / TelstarPaula (8652H7)
40Best EscortGary (AER677)
41Best Focus / FiestaPeter (PMR)
42Best WagonNone
43Best Ute / Panel Van (incl. XG-XH)John Parker (XY1)
44Best Hot Rod, Rat Rod or JalopyAnn-Marie (SR1947)
45Best SUV / 4×4 Offroad (Presented By Custom Plates)Michael (FRDMUM)
46Best Truck / CommercialJason (56BOSS)
47Best Non Category VehicleChris (99673H)